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We Provide Integrated, Secure, Fully Customized Payment Solution

Welcome To PT Swadharma Duta Data Official Website

PT. Swadharma Duta Data was established in September 1988 focusing on IT Services. The company headquarter is located at Jakarta -the capital of Indonesia, the biggest business city in the country. Recently, we have more than 150 IT professionals and experts with branch office in cities all over the country. We consistently implement ISO 9001 : 2008- Quality Management System to ensure our highly quality standard on product and services.

Latest News



SLIK-SDD adalah aplikasi yang dibuat oleh PT Swadharma Duta Data (SDD) untuk memproses data-data yang telah disiapkan oleh LJK untuk menjadi laporan yang siap untuk disampaikan kepada OJK…


NSICCS merupakan migrasi teknologi dari kartu yang menggunakan magnetik stipe ke chip…


BIMA (Broader Insurance Management Automation), merupakan aplikasi berbasis Web yang mengotomasikan proses penutupan dan klaim asuransi antara bank/multifinance, asuransi dan notaris sehingga proses lebih efisien, cepat dan akurat.
SKNBI_NG_update no telp-03


SKNBI-NG adalah Pengembangan dari SKNBI yang sudah digunakan sebelumnya dengan maksud untuk mempercepat proses kliring…

Anniversary 26 tahun SDD

  SDD Anniversary 26 tahun Tanggal 1 September  merupakan hari istimewa bagi keluarga besar SDD, karena setiap tanggal tersebut  merayakan hari jadinya…
Selamat Idul Fitri 1435 H Taqobalallahu Mi…

SDD Grand Opening Ceremony

Pada tanggal 25 juni 2014 bertepat di  Jl. Dewi Sartika no 262 PT…

Launching & Training Aplikasi BIMA - Panin Bank Syariah

Pada tanggal 30 mei 2014 telah di lakukan Launching & Training Aplikasi BIMA - Panin Bank Syariah kegiatan tesebut dilaksanakan dalam rangka Launching Product Aplikasi BIMA untuk Bank Panin Syariah, kegiatan berlangsung di Santika Hotel dan berlangsung sukses.


Dalam rangka meningkatkan kualitas tingkat pelayanan (service level) yang kami berikan, SDD group sesuai dengan komitmen kami yaitu memberikan kualitas pelayanan yang terbaik kepada pelanggan…

Outbound Sales And Presales SDD

Dalam rangka meningkatkan kinerja dan performa dari tim Sales dan Presales PT Swadharma Duta Data, dan juga untuk menjalin kedekatan secara personal antar masing-masing personil Sales dan Presales maka pada tanggal 4 - 5 Juli 2013 kemarin diadakan event outbound yang diikuti oleh dua Tim garda depan SDD…

Products and Services

Network Infrastructure


Connectivity is a critical key that the enterprise must have nowadays. how to design, implement and maintain a network infrastructure will greatly affect the connectivity itself. Networks are strained to keep up with this tremendous growth. Traffic patterns are migrating from people-to-people and people-to-thing to machine-to-machine. Machine transactions will not only massively spike capacity demands, but also increase the complexity of traffic due to innumerable, dynamic, and interactive policies. Fortunately we have the netwrok solution package for you.  By using our end-to-end network solution, let’s experience the better connectivity with us.

Payment Solution


We provide end to end solution for electronic payment from card personalization to PPOB. Integrated service in smart card, personalization and merchant services of transaction cards (debit and credit), we are offering a wide range of cost saving systems with extensive experience in the field of card technology

Enterprise Business


Understanding your business flow is crucial for your enterprise success. how to accelerate business process with perfect results is a major challenge of any business enterprise. We are here to answer your business challenge by delivering our cutting-edge technology to speedup your success. Our application designed to fullfill your enterprise needs, with user friendly interface enable you to reach the maximum target.



No need to spend your money and effort to built the IT Infrastructure and develop an application to support your business. SaaS come as a solution to provide the needs of IT application support. Software as a service is best described as a cloud-based or online software solution. Rather than selling customers a physical disc or a digital download of an application to install and run from the end user’s computer, we lease the application over a Web browser. you can log in remotely and utilize the software’s many features over the Internet without needing to maintain hardware to house the software, download and install updates, or manage data.



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